Stuff In My Studio

Folks interested in radio and podcasting are always asking me about what tools I use.  While I assure you it’s all about content and not about the tools, I admit that it’s hard to produce professional content without tools that are up to the task.  So here, due to popular demand, are the tools that I use to produce my work.

The P-Dub Production Palace

The P-Dub Production Palace

1 – Mac Pro – This is an 8 core version with 10 gigs of ram and 2 TB of drives inside.  It’s where most of the production work happens, and where I run….ugh… Windows so I can run the one piece of software that is described in #4

2 – iMac 24 – This is my workhorse.  This is where I do most of my day to day tasks… maintaining my websites… publishing all my shows… staying on top of everything on the Internet.

3 – Final Cut Studio – Apple’s finest software.  I could do ALL of my work with this software, and just may one day.

4 – Adobe Audition – Truly the finest audio production software for the kind of work I do available… bar none.  It is the ONLY reason I run Windows.

5 – The Heil PR40 microphone.  I switched to this microphone from one costing more than twice as much, because it simply worked better for me.  Microphones are very personal.

6 – OC White – They make those flexible microphone arms that all the big boys use.  They are worth every penny if this is what you do.

7 – Mackie ONYX 1220 mixer.  If you want an immaculately quiet, good sounding mixer… you won’t go wrong with Mackie.

8 – Frontier – Alphatrack – Control surface.  I use it for all my audio and video software.  It always does the job.

9 – Korg K25 – Midi Keyboard & Controller – What can I say… I need a quick and easy and inexpensive way to get my musical ideas laid down.

10 – Focusrite Trackmaster Pro microphone preamp – It was my first mic preamp and it really does the job.

11 – TC Helicon Voiceworks – I can’t begin to explain how cool this piece of audio gear is.  Listen to this.

12 – Aphex 230 – If the big one was coming, and I could only save one piece of audio gear.  This would be it.  It does everything, and it does it extremely well.  It is the secret ingredient of many.

13 – Auralex acoustic foam – If you want to do what I do you need to control your environment.

14 – Swiss Army Knife – How else can you be ready to open beer or wine at any time?