About P-Dub

P.W. FentonP.W. Fenton is the host of the popular audio show, Digital Flotsam, as well as several other other podcasts.

For a while he was known to listeners of Adam Curry as Uncle Jesse, due to the physical similarity to the Dukes of Hazzard character of the same name, and the Satellite Repairman, because of his former duties related to Sirius Satellite Radio.

In 2006 his podcast Digital Flotsam won “Favorite Podcast”, “Best Produced Podcast” and “Best Storytelling Podcast” in the Podcast Peer Awards. His show “Digital Flotsam” has been described as “..an audio variety show that’s pleasing to the mind. Sometimes makes you laugh, sometimes makes you cry, but always makes you listen. Episodes can be about almost anything, and are always sound rich experiences. Sometimes profound… rarely profane.” His work is frequently compared to the late radio storyteller Jean Shepherd.

P.W. Fenton was responsible for producing 4 hours of daily programming for the Sirius Satellite Network called “Adam Curry’s Podshow”. In May of 2007 Podshow’s relationship with Sirius ended, and so did that show. He eventually left the employ of Podshow (now Mevio) in 2009 an now devotes his time to his personal projects.

He continues to produce the popular Digital Flotsam podcast, along with his music podcasts¬†Perfect Head, and Bluesday Night Jam. ¬†He also has two short form shows, 2 to 5 minutes respectively, “On this day in Blues History“, and “Whole Nuther Story“.

He has begun experimenting with video podcasting as well.