My Friend Ross Greco

Ross Greco 9/21/1946 - 3/12/2012

March 19th, 2012

A service was held today in honor of my good friend Ross Greco. I loved him dearly. His wife Melody asked me to say a few words about him at today’s service…

“When Melody asked me to say a few words about my buddy Ross here today, I knew that I had to do it. I had no idea how to do it. I just knew that I couldn’t chicken out. That would be selfish. That would be thinking about me. Today is all about Ross. Today is about giving Ross the all love and respect he has earned in this world. And my friend Ross would never have chickened out. Ross would never shrink from his responsibility. Ross wasn’t that kind of guy.

I have often said, when trying to describe Ross to someone who didn’t know him, that if I was an employer, I would want to fill my whole organization with people just like him.

In all the years I’ve known him, and for most of those we worked together, I never once saw him fail to help anyone he encountered that needed help. It just wasn’t in him. If he COULD help you he would, and if he couldn’t help you he would FIND someone who could. He was tireless, never looking for the EASY way, just the right way.

But there was another side to Ross that we all treasure equally. He was wonderfully funny. I remember watching him tell the same TRUE story about himself… FIVE times to different groups of people… each time laughing so hard I was brought to tears. Anybody here that knew Ross will understand when I say that one day not too long ago, when my garage door jammed half way open, I started to laugh. Not because there was anything funny about having a broken garage door, but because it instantly brought to mind one of his funniest stories.

Nobody could want a better son… nobody could want a better brother… nobody could want a better husband… nobody could want a better father… and none of us could want a better friend. Ross had a favorite little thing he liked to say to people. When he said it, he would act like it was a joke… but it really wasn’t. He would say “I want you to know that I’m here for you… and when I’m not here for you… I’m there for you.”

I’ve really only known one person like Ross in my whole life, and that was my dad… who coincidently, passed away in the middle of March just 5 years ago. When he did, I said something about his place in this world, that also applies to my good friend Ross… On the day Ross died… March 12th, 2012… the status of everyone on Earth went up a notch… because suddenly there was more room at the top.”

2 comments to My Friend Ross Greco

  • Lacy

    You did great today at the service. I’m quite sure Ross is proud of you. It’s not always easy to laugh at a funeral, but I did today. Thank you.

  • Bill McKeon

    Well said. Ross was a great guy and he always made me laugh.