Pipe Dreams

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This episode has been re-issued, without commercials, for your listening pleasure…


This whole episode of Digital Flotsam is entirely TRUE. The picture you see above was taken of me at the very time this episode takes place. In fact…. the door you see behind me (yes that’s me) belongs to our friend Peter, mentioned in the show.

There was some great music in this episode.
Roughly in order of first appearance…

“Digital Flotsam Theme” by 3 Blind Mice
“I Wish I Was Stoned” by Stoat
“Rinel Rilke” by Santare
“Boody Call” by Antonin Bastian
“Aguamala” by Carne Cruda
“What! Not Anther Greasy Spoon” by Hank Marr
Movie clip from obscure late 30s movie.
“Sly Bone” by Larry Seyer
“Too Stoned” by The Undercover Hippy
Tiny excerpt from “In C” by Terry Riley

10 comments to Pipe Dreams

  • I’m VERY glad you had the ‘currage’ to bring out a new Digital Flotsam. And a very nice one too.

  • Hmmmmm… is that a misspelling of “courage”, or a clever reference to my slave driving boss?

  • Eeeeeh, aaaaaah yes! It is! I think…(how the heck did I produce that).

    You know I just bought a book about these ‘Dutch’ errors?
    You won’t believe what we Dutch said to our Englisch speaking guests.

    ‘I always get my sin’
    ‘I want to congratulate your kok for this lovely dinner’
    ‘I do not want to fall with the door in house’

    I call it the ‘Dutch accent’ typo. ;-)

  • Dan

    P-Dub, I’ve never told anyone in the podosphere this, so you’re the first:

    The first time I tried the herb I threw up. In the car the guy who offered it to me was driving.

  • Dan

    Oh and I forgot… Poppies! Poppies! Poppies!

  • I have experience with these immune-to-marijuana people. Some, it pissed off to no end, that everyone was so high and they were not.

    Another guy would get hyper, like he did some speed, not smoked a joint. Some people get downright nasty and violent. And weed is supposed to be so “mellow”

    Everyone is different. Which is interesting, being that we’re all supposedly the same.

    Tell me, did your eyes get red? I ask because the aforementioned immune fellow sure looked like he was high, but was certianly not.

  • High P-Dub…. OK, not funny, sorry. Lyndon, whilst not immune, just falls asleep (his well known phrase “I’ll be alright in a minute”, the one he’d like on his gravestone, is uttered, then he’s out for hours) and I have the same immunity as you unless I combine it with alcohol, in which case I just get tipsy faster. Your story itself, however, made me feel trippy.

    I should say that it took me nearly 2 weeks to listen to this episode because I wanted to keep it as a treat. Once again, I wasn’t disappointed. More please!

  • Alan

    I’m glad to here that I’m not the only one feels … nothing from such product. Although I do like the smell!

  • Roz

    Contrary to the impression created in this episode of Digital Flotsam I am not nor ever was a pothead or frequent user of mind altering drugs. Although, as accurately noted, I was surrounded by this stuff I only dabbled a few times in my youth, most notably on this particular occassion. And yes I believe to this day I actually spoke in slow motion. However, thanks to my darling hubby I am now developing a rather dubious reputation in my place of employment. Oh hell, maybe I should just play it up for all it’s worth, I work in a courthouse with a bunch of legal types, you know deputy clerks, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, etc.!

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