Like Tears In Rain (re-issued)


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This is a very special Digital Flotsam. It features a guest story teller, something that has only happened a few times in the history of this show.

This episode got it’s name from a very moving scene in the movie Blade Runner in which one of the main characters, facing his own mortality, ponders the fleeting nature of existence, and speculates that all traces of his life will soon be lost forever – like tears in rain.

This story reminded me of that scene because it has to do with a man whose life’s record had been similarly diluted by the much more notable circumstances that surrounded his death.

After I made the association with Blade Runner I couldn’t resist sticking with it. So just about all of the music is from the excellent Blade Runner Soundtrack. As always I include the wonderful theme music provided for me by one of my favorite bands 3 Blind Mice. And the story ends with a reprise of one of my own songs Above The Clouds.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, please do so before you examine any of the material that follows.

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2 comments to Like Tears In Rain (re-issued)

  • Eugene Tamura

    Hi Pdub!

    I was so excited when my itunes showed there was a new DF episode. It has been a while. I re-listened to the Otis Redding episode and then I went back and re-listened to the 3 previous episodes in my queue. The crayon, the 1 pound rocket, and the going home again episodes. I couldn’t stop.

    I’m impatiently waiting for new episodes (and I see there is something new now!)

    Thanks again,

  • PDub and Rich… Nice show… I’m glad you (Rich) got the story out there… Truly enjoyed listening…