Digital Flotsam – My Permanent Record (Commercial Free)

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A story that starts in 1955 and ends in 1961, that involves my PERMANENT RECORD CARD. A thing, I was told, that would follow me, and possibly haunt me, for the rest of my natural life.

This one gets an explicit tag only because I believe I can make out some bad words in a song that gets played in the middle. The song fit so perfectly though.

Speaking of music…

3 Blind Mice (my theme)

The Beau Hunks

7-10 Split

Hank Marr

By the way the picture above is NOT my permanent record card. It’s my report card from the 2nd grade, where the story starts. In fact the “N” in conduct in the 2nd marking period is a direct result of the first half of this story. I was looking through some of my Dad’s things just lately and discovered all of my old report cards, 1st grade through high school.

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