Digital Flotsam #2 reissue


1. King Kong audio from 1933 version (sprinkled throughout)

2. Theme music and pronouncements

3. Blues artist “Guitar Shorty” explains how he got that name.

4. “Invisible Man” written & performed by P.W. Fenton.

Vocals & Guitar – P.W. Fenton
Lead Guitar – Bill Pike
Bass Guitar – Andy Irvine
Drums – Jon Priest
Keyboards – Brad Trumbull

5. Bob & Ray (Bob Elliot & Ray Goulding) “The Komodo Dragon” – A pre-occupied interviewer doesn’t pay much attention to the interviewee.

6. “Bareback” by Merle Haggard. The swearing off of unprotected sex in a swinging Country & Western tune.

7. New Orleans’ Henry Butler talks about music.

8. Henry Butler plays “Tribute To James” live at Tipitina’s

9. More from the monkey.

10. Closing theme music and pronouncements.

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