Digital Flotsam #73 – More War Stories


During the early 1980s I worked for a city police department and I was assigned to a specialized squad that provided “field training” for rookies coming straight out of the academy. This show features a couple of stories about those experiences. At times, I think, you’ll wonder if these are fiction. I may have changed a name here and there, but I assure you, these stories are true.

As usual the show opens and closes with the incredible theme created by my favorite indie band “3 Blind Mice”.

“I’m Lucky” and “Asshole” by Jim’s Big Ego. I’m a big fan of Jim Infantino, you’ve heard him before if you’ve been a DF listener.

“What? Not Another Greasy Spoon” by Hank Marr. Listeners should also realize by now that I love to talk over this cut. No recording has been used more.

Finally, a couple of musical treasures from The Beau Hunks

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  • DLF

    Thank you for the great loughter I experinced on bike while listening to this episode. It was something I asked a few times and it was really worth it.