Digital Flotsam #72 – Surprise!


Sometimes things don’t go exactly as you planned.  Especially when you never planned.

This was the first Digital Flotsam to open in Dutch thanks to the lovely Danielle van Yperen (AKA Fashion Sloerie).  Recorded right here at the P-Dub Palace.  And as usual the show opens and closes with the incredible theme created by my favorite indie band “3 Blind Mice”.

There is all sorts of cool music in this edition.

“Swing It, Sister” by The Mills Brothers. I’ve been really getting into these guys.  I remember seeing them on TV when I was a tyke.

“Depravity” by Jim’s Big Ego. I’m a big fan of Jim Infantino, you’ve heard him before if you’ve been a DF listener.

“West End Blues” – Classic early Louis Armstrong.

“Bun In The Oven” by Elisa Fiorillo.

“What? Not Another Greasy Spoon” by Hank Marr. Listners should realize by now that I think this is the greatest storytelling music in my collection.  No recording has been used more.

“Easy” by Barenaked Ladies & P.W. Fenton.  You will hear this nowhere else.  Barenaked Ladies published the raw tracks of this tune and invited people to “re-mix” it.  This is my version complete with my “lead guitar” and vocal harmonies… neither of which appear on their album… Barenaked Ladies Are Me

“Now” – Another great tune by Jim’s Big Ego.

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