Digital Flotsam #69 – Echoes From The Past

A little of this, a little of that, all reflecting on the past through the eyes of the present.  This episode is a little bit more like my original concept for Digital Flotsam.  I expected it would have a lot more variety in each episode and only a very rough theme.  This returns, or at least hints at that style.  There’s a story about smuggling a radio to school in order to listen to the World Series.  Theres a story about how I met my wife, and how I eventually won her over.  There’s a couple of new home made commercials that I hope you’ll listen to.  There’s some classic comedy, and there’s loads of great music from unusual places.  If your interested:

The Lone Ranger radio intro from the 1930s
“Radio” by Heavy Mojo
“A Husband And A Wife” by Ethel Merman & Jimmy Durante
“Beautiful Face” by Bob & Ray
An assortment of musical treasures from The Beau Hunks
“Still The One” by Orleans (a Roz fave)
and of course theme music by 3 Blind Mice (my drop dead favorite musical artists)

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