Digital Flotsam #65 – Who’d Believe It?

You are hearing this story for the first time. No one in my family has heard this story before either. I don’t know why. I just never told it.

Most of the music is by The Beau Hunks, those wonderful purveyors of glorious music from the past.

And there is a bit of music by Randy Newman from the film “Avalon“.

And of course the theme music comes from my favorite band “3 Blind Mice

10 comments to Digital Flotsam #65 – Who’d Believe It?

  • Chas

    I really liked this story.
    I’m wondering if if wasn’t coincidence that you met? Do you think that maybe John knew who you were all along? That would mean that he had been watching you for a while & then used the oppertunity of the community center to spend some time with his grandson.
    just wanted to throw that out there.

  • P-Dub

    I doubt he knew who I was either. He seemed sincerely shocked when he learned my mothers maiden name. Plus he had been going to that community center for a long time before I even knew it existed. I’m afraid this really is a strange story :)

  • Johan

    Hello P-Dub,

    You mentioned again that your father had 3 jobs. And everytime you tell that, I wonder: What kind of jobs and how did he do that?
    Or have you told that already and did I miss that episode?

    kind regards from a listener from the Netherlands,

  • P-Dub


    I think I explained that once, but I’m not sure. At one time my father had his normal Monday through Friday day job working at a factory that made paint, and at night he worked in a local A&P Supermarket, and finally on weekends he worked as a clerk in the neighborhood, delicatessen. It never struck me as unusual as a child. Nowadays, of course, I am amazed.


  • Johan

    Thanks for your answer. I am amazed too.
    I enjoy listening to your stories.


  • P-Dub – Wow. His name was John Green? I looked in IMDB without results. Did you ever learn what movies he was in? Besides William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) did you recognize any other actors? Would you like to know more about your grandfather?

  • P-Dub


    His name was John BREEN (sorry if I didn’t pronounce it clearly). As you can imagine I’ve searched for information about him also, without success. The films he was in were mostly silent films, I believe. I would love to know more about him, and I would love to find those pictures somehow.

  • Thanks. I just notice I put BDUB as your name on the frapper map. Dyslexia strikes again. :-P I’ll let you know if my wife and I turn up anything. We like this kind of research.

  • Linda Grennan

    Okay you sparked my interest as well. By chance is any of your mother’s family still living? Do you have a copy of her birth certificate/record? Most states list parents and were they were born. I’ve found 2 John Breen’s that died in Richmond Co NY—if that is the correct area.

    There is a John Breen listed in as appearing as a waiter in a gunsmoke episode as a waiter in 1956. Also, same person listed as being in
    “Man in a Gray Flannel Suit” movie and it is also in 1956. No picture to know what he might have looked like though.