Digital Flotsam #63 – Caution Epiphany Ahead

Special thanks to Jan Polet for helping me by creating that tongue-in-cheek “Hit Test” to open the show.  I am a big fan of Jan’s work and very grateful for his contribution.

Audible beneath my constant blabbing are portions of the following…

“Song C” & “Song D” by Bruce Hornsby, from his CD “Spirit Trail”

“And So It Goes” by Billy Joel, from his CD “Storm Front”

“Friends” by Buzzy Linhart, from his LP “Pussycats Can Go Far”

“The Art Teacher” by Rufus Wainwright, from his CD “Want Two”

My pal Charlie

My pal Charlie who is now retired and living like a king in Thailand

As always many thanks to 3 Blind Mice for providing my theme music

8 comments to Digital Flotsam #63 – Caution Epiphany Ahead


  • Dave R

    Wow, P-Dub, great story. Makes me re-evaluate how approachable I am to my friends? How many have not felt welcome to share some important things about themselves with me because of a fear that I might not be able to accept them. Any chance that Charlie depended so much on your unconditional friendship that he was afraid of the small chance that your friendship would change and he would lose an important foundation in his life? Have you ever asked him why he felt like he couldn’t share with you?

  • P-Dub


    Of course I asked, and of course you pretty much nailed the answer. But maybe Charlie will answer that himself. He visits the blog now and then (when he’s not sipping pina coladas on the beach).

  • Cha-Lee

    Goodness! I think I still have that shirt, but certainly not the hair!

    P-Dub underestimates himself. He, his Dad, his wife and kids literally saved my sanity at a very messed up time in my life. I will always be grateful and always love them for it. At the time I was simply afraid that a friendship so important to me would be lost. Silly in this day and age, terrifying back then.

    P-Dub, there’s a cold Singha Beer on ice for you if you ever pass through Thailand! I miss you guys!

  • Neilen

    Hi P-Dub,

    This episode seems to offline. Is it unavailabe, or only an oversight?


  • P-Dub

    All available episodes can be found under the menu item “All Available Episodes” at the top of the screen.

  • Neilen

    P-Dub: In that case it seems that the lack-of-link on this page is an oversight, since this episode is listed under “All Available Episodes.” Got a link from there so, thanks :)

  • P-Dub

    Actually not an oversight. Originally visitors only went to the blog for the shownotes, and not to play the episode.

    Incidentally, iTunes has them all (even more than I have)