Digital Flotsam #62 – Babel On And On

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1. Prologue accompanied by Tomoyuki Sugimoto from his “Modulation” podcast #24
2. “Tika Ngai” by Lokua Kanza from his CD “Toyebi Te
3. Tomoyuki Sugimoto saying “Language is beautiful” in the Kansai dialect, followed by the same phrase spoken in a synthesized voice.
4. “Nessun Dorma” sung by Andrea Bocelli.
5. “Sous Le Ciel De Paris” sung by Edith Piaf
6. “Bokugautaurihitsuji” by Sakky
7. “Balinese Monkey Chant” from the Nonesuch Explorer series
8. “Polegnala e Todora” from the CD “Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares
9. “Bratach Bana” sung in Gaelic from the CD “Mouth Music
10. “Allah” by Youssou NDour from the CD “Egypt
11. “Sexy” by the German group Attacke Royal.
12. “Kumbo” by Lokua Kanza from his CD “Toyebi Te
13. From the Faroe Islands “Fjøllini standa úti” (The mountains stand outside) by ORCA
14. “Xcentric” by T.J. Rehmi accompanying the phrase “Digital Flotsam” spoken in Japanese by Scott Lockman, in German by Billie Fenton, and in Italian by Kimberly Thomson.
Scott Lockman’s Tokyo Calling –
Tomoyuki Sugimoto’s Modulation –

7 comments to Digital Flotsam #62 – Babel On And On

  • Great stuff!!! Loved hearing what I was familiar with (“Nessun Dorma” & “Sous Le Ciel De Paris”) & enjoyed listening to what I had NEVER heard or heard of before. This is what IT is all about! Thanks!

  • scott

    strange, how is it that a recording I made 3 years ago at Mr Fenton’s request suddenly appears with a link back to my site?

    That’s Digital Flotsam 4 U.

    Many thanks P-Dub.

  • Hey, Scott. As you may be able to tell by this example, I have been rejuvenating some of the older shows which had been taken off line a couple of years ago. I did not forget one of my original podcasting buddies. Degitaru Fuyuzangai!

  • Hey there P-Dub, I have often thought about writing you, but never got around. I love all your podcasts, especially your stories, but this was fantastic. I just listened to it all and loved it all. Great taste in music. Thanks a lot – and great production of course.

  • Simon

    Thanks for a beautiful podcast – Tika Ngai was arresting. I am indeed a whisper on the tip of a leaf of a single twig at the end of a long branch of an enourmous multi-coloured tree that has it’s roots in the soil of Africa.

  • Hey PDub. I’m going back through and listening to all of these older shows and ran across show 62. Thank you so much for these musical selections. I found them to be awe enspiring, especially Polegnala e Todora and Tika Ngai. I am always amazed when my mind is opened to new music. It just propells me forward as an artist. Thanks so much for all the great work you do. Your stories and musical selections are moving and inspiring.

  • andrea bocelli is really a gifted man and he has the best sounding voice ever ‘