Digital Flotsam #60 – Brain Dead

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All adolescent boys will eventually prove that they are brain dead.

This is another episode that was taken offline a couple of years ago but returns now remixed, remastered, and bewildered. The following independent artists’ music is featured.

“Brain Dead” by Universal Dice
“Don’t Play With Fire” by Michael Rose
“Play With Fire” by Girlschool from Girlschool: Collection
“Family” by Rob Costlow from his CD Sophomore Jinx
Various bits of instrumental music by The Beau Hunks

4 of the 5 brain dead boys about 7 years later.
From left to right… me, Deege, Billy, and Arthur

6 comments to Digital Flotsam #60 – Brain Dead

  • What may be most, ahem, striking about this episode is how much your story-telling improved since then.

  • You mean since I was 11 years old? I think I was better then… I could make things up. Maybe I’m more believable now.

  • Perhaps, but when you told mom about what you did with the brooms, I cringed at what I thought might include spontaneous combustion. I thought “P Dub! You gotta do better than THAT!” LOL

  • Neilen

    Dunno if I’m brain dead too, but I can’t find the link to play the podcast!

  • P-Dub

    Not sure how that happened, but you are not “brain dead”, the link to the show was missing. I had removed shows that had commercials in them and re-mixed them without commercials. However, in this case, it looks like I forgot to link to the new commercial free version. My apologies.

  • Neilen

    Thanks, fixed now… Great episode :)