Death Wish – Digital Flotsam 48

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The ways I tried to hold my life to less than a decade. It’s a wonder I am still here.

Some fine folks, living and dead, contributed to the making of this episode…

Theme Music – 3 Blind Mice
“Chicken Half” by Sugarman Three
“Blues Garden” by F11
“What! Not Another Greasy Spoon” by Hank Marr
“Dangerous” by The Moot
“LS 06-17-05″ by Larry Seyer
Gregorian Chants (700 AD)

5 comments to Death Wish – Digital Flotsam 48

  • Good to have you back big guy!


  • I had one minute left after I downloaded it in the hotel. A few minutes later Victoria took us to the Battersea Barge for the second performance of the 3 Blind Mice.

    (I didn’t tell you but there are seven blind mice now)

    Thanks for the very nice flotsams. Great stuff. Glad your ‘back’.


  • more more more!

    made me think of two stories from my childhood

    1) when i was about 8, i was riding on the front bar of a friend’s bike (while he peddled) and started to wonder “what would happen if i put my foot into the spokes?”

    torn up foot and broken arm – and i didn’t confess until i was in my 40s – i’d told my family at the time that we “must’ve hit a loose brick in the road or something”

    2) when i was 12, a bunch of us were running around a huge farm building…i ran into a hood over an exhaust fan on the outside of the building…21 stitches on the left side of my forehead…luckily, it was precisely at my hairline and at the proper angle that one can only barely see the scar to this day

    you and i have way too much in common, p-dub!

  • You are right – how on earth did you survive to adulthood? We’re very very glad that you did.

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