It’s also about ignorance…

The Faulty Logic of Teabaggers

I love this! From Crooks & Liars

Happy Birthday Charlie

Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin. Despite not looking a day over 190 you have managed to become the enemy of bible thumpers everywhere. I salute you, and wish you another 200. Oddly enough, 3 days earlier (February 9th) marked the 84th anniversary of the day that teaching the theory of evolution was officially forbidden [...]

On this day in 1966…

…a couple of kids got married. One of them was named Rosalyn Bisci, and the other was named P.W. Fenton (Jr). We’re still having fun, and she’s still the one.

Way to go John McCain, you don’t need votes.

Is there anything that has come out of his campaign that has been on the up and up?

The next night Dave found out more…


What Nude Woman?

Frankly, I have no idea what this controversy is about. “The Veep” and I were simply having a couple of beers before doing some plinking in my back yard. There were no naked women there at all. My wife doesn’t allow naked women on the patio. If you need a better look just click [...]

OK… So I’m a nerd.

Happy Birthday!

On this day in 2005 Digital Flotsam was born. I published my very first podcast. I had produced 2 episodes of something I was hoping to pitch to public radio that was going to be called… “Oh Fortuna!” Then I discovered podcasting, and some of the Oh Fortuna! material became a large portion of [...]

Amazing Facts #1

How many people do you know married the person they went to their High School Senior Prom with? How many are still married 41 years later? Yes, that’s a youthful P-Dub and the love of his life, Roz, clowning for the family camera, and about to leave for P-Dub’s Senior Prom. After the prom, [...]