My Friend Ross Greco

Ross Greco 9/21/1946 – 3/12/2012

March 19th, 2012

A service was held today in honor of my good friend Ross Greco. I loved him dearly. His wife Melody asked me to say a few words about him at today’s service…

“When Melody asked me to say a few words about my buddy Ross here [...]

Brain Dead III – Commercial Free Re-Issue

DF36.mp3 When I was looking for a picture to use for this episode of Digital Flotsam. I had a picture of my daughter Billie in mind that I guessed was taken around the time described in this show. I searched dozens of CDs filled with old pictures but I couldn’t find it. I eventually [...]

Pipe Dreams

Direct Link This episode has been re-issued, without commercials, for your listening pleasure…


This whole episode of Digital Flotsam is entirely TRUE. The picture you see above was taken of me at the very time this episode takes place. In fact…. the door you see behind me (yes that’s me) belongs to our [...]

Like Tears In Rain (re-issued)

Right click to download, click arrow below to play…


This is a very special Digital Flotsam. It features a guest story teller, something that has only happened a few times in the history of this show.

This episode got it’s name from a very moving scene in the movie Blade Runner in which [...]

It’s also about ignorance…

The Tragic Death of Oscar Grant

I have more than 25 years experience working in law enforcement. 7 of those I was a police officer myself. The remainder I worked training police officers. So I tend to approach incidents like this one from a more informed perspective. So I watched the video of this Oakland Transit cop shooting a suspect [...]

On this day in 1966…

…a couple of kids got married. One of them was named Rosalyn Bisci, and the other was named P.W. Fenton (Jr). We’re still having fun, and she’s still the one.

Way to go John McCain, you don’t need votes.

Is there anything that has come out of his campaign that has been on the up and up?

The next night Dave found out more…


Digital Flotsam #67 – God Bless The Child

Excellent music plays in the background during this show and every artist is playing and/or singing “God Bless The Child” written by the late great Billie Holiday.

Frederic Yonnet from his CD Front & Center

Anita O’Day from the CD Anita O’Day’s Finest Hour

Sonny Rollins from his CD The Bridge

Ella Fitzgerald from her [...]

Digital Flotsam #37 – One Pound Edition – Reissue

The first show ever reissued from the shows that were taken offline. Below are the original shownotes. It is perfect for “Independence Day” otherwise known to U.S. citizens as “The Fourth of July”.

1. “Washington Post March” by John Philip Sousa, played by the Band of the Grenadier Guards & Rodney Bashford

2. Opening [...]