Digital Flotsam #38 Re-issue – “Parental Redux”


This is a re-issue of my version of the story originally told by my daughter Billie in Digital Flotsam #36, and it is a much more terrifying story when told from a parent’s perspective.

I had a little fun with the retelling by deciding to use the exact same music and sound effects [...]

Digital Flotsam – One Pound Edition – Reissue Reissue

DF37.mp3 This was the first show ever reissued from the shows that were taken offline. Below are the original shownotes. It is perfect for “Independence Day” otherwise known to U.S. citizens as “The Fourth of July”.

1. “Washington Post March” by John Philip Sousa, played by the Band of the Grenadier Guards & Rodney [...]

Digital Flotsam #64 – The Legacy of Geeks

DF64.mp3 Prologue: “Ralph’s Basement” by P.W. Fenton “Bashin’” by Jimmy Smith “The Legacy of Geeks” by P.W. Fenton “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” by Don Stiernberg from his CD “About Time” “End Title” by Randy Newman from the Avalon Soundtrack Album “The Natural” by Randy Newman from the soundtrack of The Natural [...]

Happy Birthday/Retirement Roz!

Roz’s Birthday-Retirement Surprise Serenade from P.W. Fenton on Vimeo.

Beside The Golden Door

July 4th, 2012

On his second day in office, as part of his reasoned approach to immigration, W. Mitt Romney will have the Statue of Liberty disassembled and shipped back to France. Said Willard, “It’s like a damn billboard… Give me your tired, your poor, wretched refuse, the homeless, I lift my lamp beside [...]

Digital Flotsam #71 – For Children Of All Ages


Yes it’s Christmas time. I pull out some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue… etc. Something for all ages… much welcome after that “not safe for children” episode #70. As usual this one contains music I know you will be interested in…

My theme, which was created by 3 Blind Mice “Cool [...]

I Need You!!!

So there is this contest to make a commercial about why you should get a .TV domain name. Fabulous prizes at stake. I made an entry. I think it’s very funny. I was chosen by the judges as one of the 10 finalists. Now it’s up to the public to go on Facebook and vote [...]

l’inaspettato (the unexpected)

Imagine you have toiled hard and long, spending all you could afford, in order to create a beautiful documentary about how one region of Italy was managing to preserve its historic culture while still finding ways to welcome millions of tourists from around the world. As you near completion of this grand labor of love… [...]

Quotes by famous people – A rant

People seem to love quotations… bite sized chunks of cleverness. The Internet is awash with websites that are nothing but huge collections of “quotes” on any and all subjects. All of them supported by advertising, sometimes even supported by spam. The one thing they have in common (at least 99% of them) is that [...]

Digital Flotsam #81 – Colorful Dreams



A story about a long unfulfilled dream.

That was a long dry spell… but I finally broke out of it.

This show featured music by…

Hank Marr Todd Rundgren Rhett & Link 3 Blind Mice